Mr. Osman Farah is a 45 years old farmer and chairman of Tawakalunion cooperatives farmers in Bacadley village, Luuq District. The cooperative consists of 25 small-scale farmers (15male and 10 female), they put a lot of their time on farming activities to sustain their income. In 2018 flash flood destroyed their primary canal edges and their production reduced to an extent they no longer take part in the supply of goods to main market (supply goods of low quality to local market). The linkage between them and the exporter in Kismayo weakens and some farmers’ participation in the cooperative decreased, however Mr. Osman and some few members continue farming to sustain their family.

Under SEARAP 2019, Nardo rehabilitated the primary earth canal and supported the members with farm inputs (seeds, tools)under SEARAP in 2019, there has been a tremendous change on the direction of the cooperative. They are motivated and the drop out members rejoined, farmers started producing different high quality products, they started pooling their resources together to gain access to the main market. The farmers mainly produce Simsims, Maize, Soya beans, Fruits (mango, guava, banana, lemon). After Nardo intervention, the cooperative developed a market linkage with traders in Kismayo to supply high quality products. They started transporting dried lemon to Kismayo which later exported to Dubai.Their income has improved, currently they are ploughing large hectors of land next to their farms to expand their production and their appeal is to support them with Generators and their new initiative of buying tractor from members’ contribution.

Mr. Osman told Nardo “Previously we were losing a lot of water in the process, since the canal broke out and we have been spending a lot of fuel in the process. But now we spend less fuel the water flow is smooth and reach the furthest point of the farms”.

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