Our Activities

Somali’s situation remained one of the most challenging and worrying humanitarian crisis in the world over the years, delivery of timely humanitarian assistance was hampered by lack of security, particularly in southern and central regions. In despite of all this, the community of South/Central regions has formed NARDO by undertaking activities.

  • Emergency and rehabilitation of basic infrastructure critical for service delivery in water, education and health.
  • Food security and development of production sector to diversify and support alternative sources of livelihoods.
  • Capacity building among community institutions that are important for public administration and service delivery
  • Improvement of educational standards through increased access, retention and promotion among the population of South and Central Zone of Somalia.
  • Literacy and skills development for women and other marginalized groups including girls and minority groups in the community
  • Promotion and HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention, and capacity within communities and health services delivery systems in the South/Central Somalia.
  • Peace and Reconciliation through, community dialogue forums and Media Awareness