Nasib Relief and Development Organization – NARDO is a Non-Governmental organization registered under the NGO Co-ordination Board in Kenya under certificate No. OP.218/051/2009/0220/5751 under section 10 of the Non-Governmental Organizations Co-ordination Act, also registered in Somalia.

NARDO-RUDO (Nasib Relief and Development Organization & Rural and Urban Development Organization) is a Non-Governmental organization for the help and development of communities in South/Central regions of Somalia and North-Eastern Province of Kenya. Nasib Relief and Development Organization (NARDO) was formed in February 1991 after the clash of the civil war in Somalia and lately in cooperated with Rural and Urban Development Organization (RUDO), which has been formed in 1993. Finally the two organizations agreed to join and work together since they shared the same values and were operating in the same region being initiatives of the local people keen on helping to fill in the null and void left by the fall of Somali’s central government and subsequent lack of basic services among the local population. To work with poor and marginalized pastoral people to eradicate poverty, disease and illiteracy by overcoming the injustices and inequities causing them and by recognizing people’s rights to education, shelter, food water and sanitation health services (HIV/AIDS awareness and child support program).


NARDO’s initial drive to respond and alleviate suffering began with the establishment of a pilot community-based relief and rehabilitation project, preceded by informal community networking and consultation on there needs prioritization. Since then, NARDO has successfully implemented over 20 projects ranging from relief and rehabilitation to development among some of the poorest of the marginalized communities living in the South and Central regions of Somalia.

Philosophy of the Organization

NARDO is dedicated to provide humanitarian assistance in the regions impacted by war, harsh environmental, civil strife, natural disaster, construction and rehabilitation of community needs program infrastructure. NARDO has primary objectives, which is the coordination; empowerment and networking of all the regions through trust building among the different clans of Somalia (peace keeping). NARDO also believes that developing local capacity and civilization is the most important role of the International Agencies and initiates technical and administrative training for rehabilitation of systems as rapidly as possible.